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In WHALIEN you journey through a mechanical whale, experiencing a colorful adventure full of wonky physics and whale placed puns.

You are Ernest, the last remaining Hemingwhale still residing inside of Fin the chatty patchwork whale. After years of smooth whaling, little squiddies take up residency as your evil neighbours and start to nibble on Fin’s insides. Equipped with magnetic tools left behind by your family, you set out to explore the whale and solve the mystery of the squiddie infestation.

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Hello Forbidden Folds, my name is Bruno, I would like to know if the game will have a Demo version, if there is I can record a Gameplay on my Youtube channel?

My contact email: BiustarGames@Outlook.com

Hey Bruno, 
we are planning to release a demo this summer! We'd love you to check it out and record your gameplay then.

Stay tuned for more information on our social media.